Northland, Sun-Sational

What a summer! Northland has been the place to live and enjoy over the last few months, with record sunshine and temperatures.

As a result, most of us have spent more time outside on our decks than we have inside our homes. Entertaining has been easy, invite friends and family around, get the bbq going and that’s all there is to it……except….

If the wine is getting warm, the beer is boiling and the guests are gasping in the hot sun, then you won’t be as popular is you may want to be. That’s where John Hewinson Canvas can make you the most sought after host or hostess by designing and custom making a Shade / Sun Sail for your outdoor area.

Shade/Sun Sails protect you and your guests by providing up to 97% UV protection, the wine stays cool, the beer stays cold and only the sausages get burnt!

A John Hewinson Canvas Shade / Sun Sail won’t be saggy or baggy because it’s too big, nor will it have long ropes because it’s too small to reach the poles. It will fit exactly, so you have maximum protection from the harsh sun.

The range of colours for Shade/Sun Sails is extensive, so there is definitely something to match and enhance your home. Don’t forget, your outdoor furniture will also be protected, so less bird poo and leaves, and it will last so much longer. If there is only light drizzly rain, there is a high chance your outdoor furniture will stay dry under a Shade/Sun Sail too.

Of course with the hot summer we have been busy manufacturing a lot of Shade/Sun Sails, but we have also had a big demand for boat covers. Going out on the water is a great Northland pastime, but if you are getting burnt while fishing, you need to get a Bimini Canopy made for your boat.

We also make Road Covers so the chilly bin doesn’t fly out while you are towing your boat, and Storage Covers for when the boat isn’t being used. All materials used are UV treated and ideal for the outdoor and marine environment.

boat covers

For a quote on a cover, ring us on 09 4381741 or email us some photos of your boat.


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