John Hewinson Canvas’ Winter Maintenance Guide

The shortest day has been and gone, so summer must be coming!

Well, maybe not just yet, but that leaves plenty of time to start and finish all those winter jobs.

Shade/Sun sails

When you have taken these down we suggest you look at the following parts:

  • Stitching – does this look strong, has it started to unravel in a few places?
  • Fittings/ratchets – do they work properly and easily?
  • Edges – are they showing signs of wearing or rubbing on something?

If your Shade/Sun Sail has any of these problems, then bring it into us and we can repair it for you ready for summer.

How dirty is it? As Shade/Sun sails are mesh, dust and dirt gets caught in the weave. We can clean it for you, using a ‘material friendly’ cleaner.

When all the above bits are done, then please make sure you store it away from rodents. The little creatures love to chew holes in Shade/Sun Sails. We can repair these but hopefully by correct storage this can be avoided.

Veranda (Deck) Curtains

Winter is probably the time when you will be using these the most. As we have stronger winds in winter (mostly), then check that all attachments are screwed/bolted/riveted on tightly.

To clean your Curtains, we recommend you use a mild soapy detergent, ie dishwash, car, citrus based cleaners. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and free from any burrs so the curtains do not get scratched. When you have finished washing the curtains, we suggest you towel them dry to avoid water marks.

Boat Covers and Squabs

Boats often get parked and forgotten about over winter. When you aren’t using your boat so much, it is a perfect time to look at the cover.

  • Fittings – are these attached to your boat firmly, or do they need to be screwed/riveted back on?
  • Domes – check around the windscreen and on the canopy. Are they all in place? Stitching – is the stitching on your boat cover looking worse for wear?
  • Squabs – need restitching, repairing or replacing?

If any of these apply to your boat, then ring us to book your boat in for repairs. Boats are securely stored inside our premises.

Boat Storage Covers

If your boat is stored outside, or in a shed that isn’t closed in, then you need a storage cover. This cover will protect your boat paintwork, upholstery and the gear inside it from sun, wind, rain and bird poo. You won’t have to spend ages cleaning up the boat before you can use it. Storage Covers are custom made for your boat. One size DOES NOT fit all with a John Hewinson Canvas cover. We use a quality, UV treated material which is strong, but light enough to make putting it on easy.

We need your boat to custom make the cover, so contact us to arrange a date for this to happen.

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