Environmentally Friendly

Are John Hewinson Canvas products environmentally friendly? Yes!

While most people think of something being recyclable, and therefore environmentally friendly, this only happens at the end of the products life. We don’t always think about the affect on the environment during the product life.All these clear deck curtains close to deck level, creating an outdoor room for entertaining

In the summer a shade sail attached to your home will cut down on heat inside and with lots of homes having HVAC systems, the reduction in heat inside will reduce power bills. In winter, Shade Sails can easily be taken down, allowing the sun to warm up your home, once again reducing heating costs.  Great for your wallet and reducing the demand for electricity. Less hydro dams have to be good for nature and the environment.

In a similar way, veranda curtains blocking out cold winds and rain help to keep your home warmer. The heat that builds up in the sheltered deck area of your home transfers inside, once again reducing electricity or firewood costs. You can even use the warm deck to dry the washing instead of using the dryer.

Cheap, imported, mass produced products have a very short life span. This only adds to landfills and drains your wallet when you have to replace them after a short time. Having John Hewinson Canvas custom make you a long lasting product using quality materials, is so much better for the environment and your pocket.

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