John Hewinson Canvas are in Whangarei, Northland. We custom manufacture ute covers and trailer covers in quality UV treated materials that are strong, tough and will last the distance.

Utes – keep your load or tools dry and secure with a ute cover. These covers are custom made for your make and model of ute. Special features include felt lining around the underneath edge to protect your paintwork and ties for when the cover is not in use and you roll it up.

Trailer covers – perfect for keeping your cargo dry, we can custom make a cover for all farm trailers and domestic trailers.

Horse Float Covers – these are ideal for keeping out dust and giving your horse weather protection. We suggest these are made in a light colour so that the interior does not become too dark.

Vehicle covers -as the photos show, we can cover golf carts, tractors, 4×4 off road vehicles etc. All covers are custom made to suit your vehicle and requirements. We can also make linings for your car interior or boot. These linings protect your upholstery from the knocks and dirt. The lining can be easily removed for cleaning. A great investment, as when you sell your vehicle it still looks like new.

Seat Covers – keep your upholstery in the original state by covering your seats. These covers are made from a strong, durable canvas. Extra material on the sides means the covers will not move when getting in/out of the vehicle. Provision is made for the airbags to inflate. A very worthwhile investment for resale!

To find out more, or to arrange a free quote please contact us.